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Welcome to TMWCC, Jayce Morgan!

A huge welcome to our overseas signing for the 2023 season, Jayce Morgan! Jayce is looking to arrive in April and is ready for a full season of cricket. Below is a message from Jayce.

‘My names Jayce Morgan, 24 from Melbourne, Australia. I recently completed a 4-year carpentry apprenticeship back here in Melbourne. My cricket career started well before I was allowed to play an official game on a Saturday morning as my mum recalls throwing balls to me in the hallway since I could walk, and I’d be the annoying young kid at the cricket club asking my dad to throw balls to me after he was done playing. I finally played my first competitive game in 2008 in the under 12’s as a nine year old, then 5 years later was making my 1st XI debut for West Bentleigh Cricket Club who now I’m proud to say I’m captain of the 1st XI. Like I touched on before about my apprenticeship it’s always been a goal of mine to complete that goal and then come across to experience life and cricket in England. Every person I’ve encountered that’s either been to England or from there that’s playing over here has said it’s one of the best times of their lives. So that’s something that’s made me so keen and excited to get across. I can’t wait to get stuck in with the Mids this year and hopefully help get the club back up through the grades.’

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